Post Hurricane in Pictures

We weathered the Hurricane, we came through the other side safely, albiet a little unnerved.

We retained power, although for about a 20 minute period the lights threatened to go out.

It was our first experience and all things considered we are very lucky.

This afternoon, because I couldn’t cope any more with the restlessness, we ventured

out in the ‘hood to discover the local damage.

This is what we saw when we first entered the park, which was closed but we stayed in the open spaces.

A huge tree fell on the baseball cage

It was completely uprooted not just snapped!

And on the other side of the field….

We walk by this tree every day.

It’s gonna be a busy clean up

These photos were taken by a friend on her walk this morning to survey the damage in the ‘hood.

Near the school yard

Random trees along the road

Trees in front of the school

On the school block

We were so very lucky that we were completely safe and undamaged. The city is going to take a long time to get back to normal. The devastation downtown is immense but New Yorkers have a way of just getting through it.


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