Outside Influences

When your children are little, their whole world revolves around you. You are the most important thing in their lives, the source of food, comfort and survival. As they grow of course, this changes. At 3 they want to be independent and everything is no and I can do it. By 5 they’re off to school and they turn to you and say ‘I got this’.

Then we know nothing……

The eye rolling starts at around 8, well it did in this house. I hate it. Miss Gremlin has just started it but Grand Master D has totally perfected it. He turned 12 last week and although he still needs us for the necessities of life and parental guidance, the outside influences are starting to creep in. School friends, a favourite teacher, sometime those influences aren’t so good.

Save them from themselves…

Unfortunately kids can get off track sometimes, and head down a path which turns them to gangs, crime or worse. Nobody wants that for their child, everyone starts off with all the right intentions, but along the way things go wrong.

As parents we can only do so much, the teenage years are tough to navigate. We know nothing! We don’t understand them at all! Well that’s what they think. It’s important to find some positive adult role models for your kids. People who have it together (well mostly, cos who has it completely together, right? ) Someone who can show them that what their parents have been saying is kinda cool.

We have found a couple of good people for Grand Master D to idolise and trust more than us. Yep it’s gonna happen to you too!

Handing over………a little

These friends are still young and hip enough to be cool, but also smart enough to be a good influence and know they are contributing in a positive way to a teenage life.
I’m proud of how my boy is growing up, he’s a wonderful son. I will continue to surround him with as many of the ‘right’ influences as I can, we need to counter the teenage crazy some how. Thanks John and Matt, we really appreciate you taking an interest.

How does it look in your house? Do you have some good role models you could enlist? I really hope you do. We need to continuely guide our young ones and if we can do it through others when they no longer listen to us, that’s powerful too.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Investing ourselves in each others’ children is a priceless gift. I feel like the support is more needed during the adolescent years than it ever was when they were toddlers. Giving a new mom days off by babysitting is nice, but a willingness to nurture a relationship with her teen takes commitment.

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