Cook with Ma-If You Dare

Miss Gremlin and Grand Master D did some cooking on the last night with Ma. They had a cake mix for a vanilla loaf cake. Ma didn’t have a loaf tin so they made cupcakes instead.

They had plenty of fun and made a huge mess. The house smelled wonderful as the cupcakes cooked.

Once they were done, Ma helped the kids ice them….

The test is always in the tasting……….


The cupcakes failed miserably 🙂  They were awful! But everyone had awesome fun. Who cares if they turned out tragically.

The memory was in the making.

UPDATE: The cupcakes were retested the next morning, just to check if they were as bad as first thought. Miss Gremlin decided they needed to go straight into the bin and promptly put them there, yes she did!

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