And so begins another long stretch of Single Parenting

The King left on a business trip this morning. He’s off the California for a week to close some business deals. He’s meeting some potential clients and catching up with old friends. It’ll be all go for him, a busy time. For us back home it will be the usual, but with a few challenges thrown in for good measure. It’s just how it is. Things tend to happen when he goes away. One time Miss Gremlin split her chin before he even left the airport, that was a fun drama. There’s been others too.

This time I’m hoping for a drama free, peaceful time. Is that too much to ask? probably but I’m gonna ask it anyway.


My babies

We’ll hang out, walk the dog, eat out, sleep in. Have skype calls and facetime chats.

I’ll get the bed and the remote to myself, that’s always a bonus! It’s only temporary and for that I am thankful. I couldn’t imagine having to do it permanently by myself.

Safe travels My King.

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  1. I know what you are going through, having been in that kind of a situation myself in my first marriage. It definitely isn’t easy and I hope it gets easier for you with time, or that you are used to it. It didn’t get any easier for me.

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