And Then They Built a Fire

There comes a time in every kids life that they need to learn to build a fire.
For Grand Master D and Miss Gremlin today was that day.
Armed with some newspaper and a box of matches,  they found a stump requiring burning and set to work. Ma showed them how to set it alight.

Miss Gremlin is learning how to light fires.

Grand Master D has a turn

Now that the fire is going it’s gonna need fuel. The kids found some logs and brought them to the fire.

This log is pretty heavy Ma, where does it go?

That’s going pretty good. Where’s those marshmallows?

We spent about 3 hours wandering around the paddocks dragging back wood to burn and make the fire nice and big. They cooked marshmallows and potatoes in foil. They got smoke in their eyes and down their throats…They totally loved every second.

And that’s how you make a fire kids.

THAT”S a fire!

……………….And then it rained.
So we took everything back inside and left the fire to fend for itself but not before I wheelbarrowed wood for the inside fire.

Mush, mother, mush


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