An Adventure in Pictures

Give the kids some freedom and they are good to run wild over the farm…They’re at the age now that they can just explore. No supervision required

Checking out the Rocks

This fort was made by us one school holidays about 30 years ago, some resurrection work was done a few weeks ago. The mission is to build a roof now.

This 30 year old Rock Fort is still fun

They saved their toy guns from the last trip 2 years ago, the farm with be safe from pretend varmits.

Little Farm Kids

The toy guns are a hit

We hardly saw the kids all day, they were running around discovering everything. They got super dirty and loved every minute. They had lots of awesome fun.

There were some injuries that required attention but nothing too serious. Just a part of country kid life.

They passed out around 7. Tomorrow will be another great day of discovery.

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