5 Things I’m Gonna do When the Kids Go Back to School

Let’s face it , we’re all happy the summer is over. As parents, the long summer break is daunting and oh so painful. Yes at first we’re all happy to be done with the school year and the early mornings, lunches and all that goes with it. The novelty of that wears off within a week or 2 and there’s still 11 weeks to go, if you don’t send your kids to camp then you’re doomed to weeks of kid torture!

Grand Master D and Miss Gremlin have been off school since June 28th and return for the new year next week, Sept 6th. Now THAT’S a long time. I personally think it’s too long but it’s how it is, so we have no choice.

But now they’re going back I’m looking forward to doing for me…. just me! Well the King isn’t going anywhere so he’ll still be around but I will be able to do so many things between 8-3 or nothing if I want.

*I’m gonna walk the dog in the park without having to watch where the kids are or kick a single football.

*I’m gonna have breakfast in peace, maybe even with a friend, then I’m going to take a leisurely stroll through the stores, knowing I don’t have anyone to watch out for.

*I’m NOT going to put cartoons or the Disney channel on tv. I might even watch a morning show uninterrupted.

*I’m going to sit in solitude for 6 hours straight, maybe even twice!

*I’m going to get a mani-pedi and a haircut all by myself.

But mostly I’m going to have time to suit myself, to write, cook , think, nap and not be thinking of the kids all the time and making sure they are having fun…. I LOVE school.

But most importantly I will spend more time with the King. Cos he rocks. (Hacked by the King)




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