You Know You’re Firmly in the Next Stage of Life When Your Baby Turns 9


Happy Birthday

On this day 9 years ago, my little Miss Gremlin came into the world. One would say in the usual way but then again not so much. I was enormous. She was even more enormous! The birth went as most births do but then I stalled and she got a bit stuck. This kid had shoulders the size of a footballer’s. Her head came out but those shoulders were just too wide and then to make matters worse the cord was around her neck, not uncommon but super dangerous. With some careful manoeuvring the midwife managed to get her free.


In the meantime they knew there was an issue but as is standard procedure they don’t tell the parents so they don’t panic. But we knew something was up when they wheeled in a full blown infant crash kit and had a paediatrician waiting in the wings. She came out, was placed on my chest and by the time my brain registered she was there, she was gone. She was the colour of an old white sheet, you know that grey colour they get and she wasn’t breathing. They whipped her into the apparatus and started working on her. There were 4 people working on her at once, we have it on video. The nurse kept telling the King to turn it off but he didn’t. After what seemed like a thousand years but was really about 7 minutes we finally heard a tiny whimper. No lusty cry but a sound, it was so strange to see her colour change from grey to pink. After that, she was fine and went off to get weighed and The King came back to tell me she was 10 lbs, I was shocked! That’s a whole lotta baby. No wonder there were difficulties.

As she grew she was a joy but a challenge. A very strong willed child, just like her dad. It’s hard to parent a child who is different from you. Grand Master D was a breeze because he was just like me but Miss Gremlin….so not like me and everything I knew I had to relearn in a way that worked for her.

Breaksfast video

We moved here to America before she learned the speak. She’s grown up like a little American but still an Aussie too. She’s the light of my life and the pep in my step. It’s always what’s she doing now 🙂 She’s full of surprises but such a sweet, precious sensitive, beautiful little girl.

I wish for her a wonderful day of fun and happiness but more than that I wish her love and happiness beyond today and always. Happy, Happy Birthday Miss Gremlin, we think you ROCK!

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      Grand Master D sounds like he just stepped fresh off the plane. Miss Gremlin because she learned to speak here is a little mixed up, not american but not fully aussie either…

  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Gremlin. I can so relate. My oldest has a personality just like me and everything came easy with us. My youngest is the total opposite of me and I am finding it to be like parenting for the first time all over again. 🙂 Can’t help but love them completely though that’s for sure.

  2. Something tells me that The Little Miss grew up in a blink of an eye. I love watching the progression. I’m going to hold my baby before he is too big… Happy birthday (belated) to you both!

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