When They Were Little …..Was It Really That Hard?

Last week my friend Kelly at Debiehive wrote about missing the days when her babes were small and how taking parental advise for strangers wasn’t always bad. And by all accounts she’s right. We may not want to hear from the weird stranger in the park telling us to smile and enjoy it and it gets better when we’ve been up all night with a teething baby or we have sore boobs from feeding or cracked nipples or our child has thrown themselves on the ground for the gajillionth time today. But they have a point, it does get batter but it also goes so fast, so don’t wish it away.want we no longer have

It made me think back to what was my favourite time? I know it wasn’t those early hour feeds, getting out of a warm bed to a sqwarking newborn but wait, maybe it was, just me, the boob muncher and Jessica Fletcher solving crimes at 3am. I still get a warm feeling when Murder She Wrote comes on tv. It was calming and nice and all for me.

It could have been when they started walking, watching those pudgy legs wabble across the floor… knowing that life just got a little bit harder because the kid was NEVER where you left them.  Always finding new mischief.



Sending them to school was a great stage, having some freedom and time to myself was an awesome feeling.

No kid is ever the same. They do different things that stick in your mind forever but so much of it is also forgotten. Going through the photos reminded me of so many things.

Every stage is precious and hard at the same time but you’ll never be there again, with that child. Even when you feel washed out or overwhelmed, remember why you’re doing it and how much love having these little munchkins brings. And grey hair and cellulite and …. (no stick to the positive…. ) They bring us delight!

We’re heading into the teen years and that’s a whole other set of ‘pass me the bottle’. I’m dreading it and looking forward to it at the same time. I know that sounds strange but I am interested to see their choices and who they become and where their lives take them. I’m not so excited about the arguments and probable groundings and late night worry…but I suppose it’s our turn, Lord knows we did it to our parents!

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  1. I have a two year old and a bad case of baby fever. And I look at my daughter and can’t remember the bad. I only seem to remember the good. A outside force above my control telling me I should reproduce again. 🙂

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      Yeah see, that’s what happens. It’s why babies are made so cute… otherwise we’d eat our young 😉 Do it! What have uyou got to lose, except freedom and sleep and bladder control… oh wait did I turn you off?

  2. My baby is now 23, my eldest of four is 36, I can tell you, I savored every moment with each of my kids. The time spent with our children growing up is fleeting. When they’re grown and fly the nest life is never the same again with your kids. Love them and then love them some more. Start talking with them when they are very young, be open and honest. You will then have a better chance of communicating at a deeper level during the tumultuous teen years. This is what I know to be true . . . all the moments matter, savor all of them!

  3. Aw, I’m so glad you are enjoying and appreciating each moment instead of thinking about what was. When people do that they miss living in the present.

    It looks like you’ve got that figured out….which includes passing that bottle! 🙂

  4. With my first (now four) I used to lament AND delight at the passing of a new stage and transition to the next. I was excited to see his next development but sad to know that with each new stage he was growing up and soon he’d be in high school. I remember watching my nieces and nephews grow up so fast and I knew mine wouldn’t be any different. I’m so glad all of those late night feedings are over but I do remember them fondly now, now that I’m not crying because I’m so exhausted!

  5. I love where my kids are at today – maybe not the teenager 😉 – but oh man, how I miss the baby days. Just spending days snuggling and you could put them in the stroller and go shopping, strolling around. Quiet, sometimes not so quiet days but nonetheless, the days before the big bad world intervenes into your perfect little happy baby bubble.

  6. Ollie is only 1 and I miss things already. I have firmly dug my heals in and no longer wish for new milestones, I love the ones I have already.

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  8. How sweet! My son is 19. That went by quick. I also have a son who is 2. Even that is going by quickly. Thank you so much for sharing this @ The SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party!


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