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So we started eye therapy yesterday, every Wednesday from now until probably the end of summer. She received her patch today. Argh she’s a pirate. We’re still learning the rhythm that is trekking downtown after school and so we arrived 30 minutes early. Totally fine because Miss Gremlin came prepared with lego to play with. The office was full, children coming and going, doctors checking cards, patients waiting and paying bills. But it’s a small reception area, not a lot of room to move and at one point it was pretty full. Not uncomfortable but there were more people than chairs by half.

After the 30 minutes and a few more… because doctors always run late, Miss Gremlin went in for her session, I waited in the reception area. While I waited a dad came in, his child was on the way in a cab with the nanny.. they were late. He announced they were on their way and he’d wait outside for them . asshole clients

I couldn’t been seen from the reception desk, the receptionist was sitting low, as is typical, behind the high counter. And then it began… the slinging off at that parent, the paying client… Spouting out her opinion for all to hear, her colleagues standing right there. She was very disrespectful, to the client AND to the doctor, her employer. I was rather shocked and a little bit horrified. Who was she to even have an opinion, especially in front of paying clients. Regardless of whether I was there or not. I don’t know if she knew but the others sure did.

I was waiting for the f-bomb… it didn’t come but almost everything else did. Calling her boss an asshole? I could probably get this woman fired. How do people like that get jobs? She’s terrible on the phone too, so rude and condescending. After listening to this go on for 30-40 minutes. I decided that the only way I wouldn’t be spoken about like that was to watch this bitch like a hawk and give her nothing to talk about. We will be there every week for the next 6-8 months, I have no desire to have an uncomfortable time of it.

If I ever get an opportunity to reveal what I heard or even tell her that this is not a way to behave, and I probably will over the next few months, I will have to make that decision then. For now I get to bitch to you about it and shake my head at the way people behave. They never cease to amaze!

Got any stories to share? Someone behaving wildly inappropriately and you caught them? I’d love to hear it…

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  1. I heard that’s par for the course in NYC. I’m in he south so 9 times out of Ten the reception girl is your neighbor or neighbors daughter, or at the very least happy to be a surrogate or BFF.

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