What’s the Deal with All the Kidnappings?

In all the hurriedness of life this post got buried, but so did the story on the news. However it’s still interesting to talk about and so I am sharing this post with you anyway…..I think it’s still worth discussing. It’s an incredible story of survival and escape….

I’m sure you have seen the news. Three more women escaped from captivity. They were kidnapped 10 years ago! The world has gone crazy!

How do these things happen? In the last 2 years this is the 3rd incident to make National News and a total of 5 women and 2 children have been emancipated. What sort of sick fucked up world do we live in where girls get snatched off the street and held captive for decades, in plain sight! These 3 women were kept less than 5 miles from their abduction site. It just blows my mind!
The details are slowly coming out and they are horrific. One poor girl had 5 pregnancies and the abuser (I refuse to use his name) punched her in the stomach and starved her until she miscarried. Another of the women carried a child to term and delivered her in the house aided by the others. That child is now 6 and free. The reports say they were held separately in the house chained and padlocked in rooms and the basement. For 10 YEARS! And nobody noticed. How can it even happen that nobody saw anything suspicious? Is it because we mind our own business too much? I don’t think so… plenty of people are investigated by CPS and found to be ok, why do these crazies slip through the cracks? It just shows that you can never really know a person.

His family had no idea what he was doing. What kind of person does this though? Imagine the discipline and the money it cost him to clothe and feed these captives for 10 years! They were found in good physical health so that’s a God send. When they are stronger mentally, there will be interviews, their stories will be told. And those stories will be incredible. How do you live through something like that?

How will they adjust to freedom and try to return to the world beyond captivity? How do they make up for the loss of their teen years? A decade lost… no prom, no first dates, no birthday parties, unspeakable acts of cruelty performed on them. It’s such a sad situation. There are so many questions with these stories. Was there ever a time when they though they would escape, how did they keep their sanity?

I think of their families, how do you never give up hope? How can you live everyday of 10 years not knowing you’re child is alive? How do you not think that they must be dead somewhere? When do you try to get closure? Those questions are hard for me because I’m a realist and you have to cope somehow. I wonder how I would handle it. I know the dad of Nina Dejesus said he never gave up, but really, honestly, deep down did they think that? 10 years is a long, long time. I am not judging in any way and I could never imagine what it would be like to have a missing child. I am so very glad for these young women to be reunited with their families. It’s such a strange scenario. Over the next few months we will hear many details but it will also raise awareness for young people how to stay safe and how to avoid being the next victim. I know it’s reignited conversations in our house with the children. It’s good to remember how to stay safe.

I wish them a swift recovery and adjustment to life back home and that the media will leave them alone until they’re ready, but when they are, I hope they have the strength to share their stories with the world. These girls are an inspiration and we all have something to learn from them. What do you think?




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  1. It is a horrific story and thank God those women and the child are free. I’m from Cleveland and I lived in neighborhoods very close to the one where this happened. It’s hard to believe. Simply unfathomable that no one discovered them in all those ten years.

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  2. As a mother, it is terrible to think that someone could snatch your kid. Even more terrible is knowing that they were in close proximity all along. My heart goes out to these women and their families.

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