What happens when mum gets sick

When family members get sick mum is always there with TLC and whatever medicine or home remedy required. There’s lots of chicken soup to cook and the days are filled with making the patient feel comfortable. Not to mention the sleepless nights but what happens when mum gets sick? Who looks after her?

I have managed to catch a cold. I don’t succumb often but this time I did. The weather is so all over the place at the moment that it’s very difficult to regulate our bodies. Grand Master D has been home all week pretty sick and feeling miserable. While I was caring for him, every time I sneezed I would call out “stinking kid”. I would hear a snigger from the bedroom and a smiling sorry 🙂 Wednesday he and I spent the day sick on the couch by ourselves. The King was out and Miss Gremlin was at school. We were pathetic in our sick haze and knee deep in tissues, watching daytime tv for hours. It was a mother son bonding time, with Grand master D laughing at one point that he was looking after me and I was looking after him. Not quite accurate but I’ll allow it.

On the whole though we mums get a bum wrap. We have to take care of everyone but when we get sick who really looks after us? We have an inner resilience to it I suppose. We just get up and get going, even if we feel like death warmed up.

All I want is my mum to look after me, tuck me in and bring me chicken soup.

The lemon juice with ginger, garlic and manuka honey have been consumed at a great rate and also a teaspoon of bicarb soda in a small glass of water 3 times a day has certainly helped me to reduce the length and severity of my current cold. I also take extra echinacea and vitmin c. I don’t like to take conventional cold medicine because it just masks the symptoms and it’s so expensive. I would much rather search for some simple, cheap home remedies. I am managing to get some rest so I should be back to normal very soon. Until the next time 🙁


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