To Cook or Not to Cook the Pet…….


My brother has a kangaroo, well my brother, his wife and their 5 kids and dog and puppies, have a kangaroo. They live in the country, luckily, because keeping a kangaroo in the city is frowned upon even in Australia.
And before you ask, no they don’t jump down the main streets in Sydney and not everyone has one as a pet. It’s quite uncommon.

How did they come by this baby kangaroo you might ask? Well my brother likes to go shooting (hunting) and regularly shoots kangaroos, which are as pesky as deer are here in the US, to feed his dogs. On one particular outing recently he shot a roo and unfortunately she had a joey in her pouch, so of course there’s no option other than to bring him home and bottle feed him and have him as a pet. It’s just what you do. A kangaroo joey in your house is just cool.

This afternoon, while I was reading facebook , my sister in law posts this……

Outside fire, kangaroo roast in the camp oven, a few drinks and good company is on the menu for today with ..sister…….. and our families (and adopted kids).

This piqued my interest as some of the comments were asking what I was thinking, did they cook the baby?
It was a tense few minutes because it’s not beyond the realms of possibility my brother might cook up the pet. Just sayin’ Luv ya bro 🙂

The reply came in a resounding negative but the activity in the comments was running rampant with the same question….

Now before you go all greenie on my arse….. kangaroos in certain areas are pests, they eat the grass the livestock need, they get on the roads at dusk and dawn and cause havoc, wrecking cars and endangering lives. It’s part of country life to cull over populated species. We still love them and pet them at the petting zoos and a mob lives on my mum’s farm (they’re off limits to my brother by order of mum ) but kangaroos are hunted and that’s ok with me.

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