This Blogging Thing Has Benefits!

When I started this blog I never really imagined where it would go. It’s been growing slowly and it is fun to do. Writing about fun topics and meeting wonderful people have been a real bonus.

But thanks to 2 lovely ladies, Abbey and Monica at LifeWellBlogged, I’m now a published author!

I get to be more obnoxious than the King! I get to behave like a Queen….for about 15 minutes then he’s sick of it and I go back to being just me 🙂 ,cleaning the kids bathroom, up to my elbows in…….. oh you don’t even wanna know.

You see, the King has been published for many years and isn’t afraid to use that to get what he wants.

But this time it’s about me, and my thoughts and how I have come together with a group of hilarious women who I get to call friends and share in some success. This writing gig is beginning to pay off. It’s so exciting…..

Life Well Blogged coverThe book, Life Well Blogged To Bliss and Back is a collection of stories from bloggers about love, marriage, first dates, date nights and this crazy life with husbands, partners and kids.

So if you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive gift for a friend, colleague or someone who needs a laugh grab a copy of Life Well Blog To Bliss and Back. I’m in it!

I feel so priviledged to be included among this group of kick ass bloggers…..Check them out!

Here’s just a few……………..

Life on Peanut Layne, Momaical, Insomniac’s Dream, My Life as Lucille, Hot Mess Mom, Mommy Unmuted, Life On the SONnyside, Menopausal Mother, Crass Parenting, Diapers ..Or Wine?, Suburbia Interrupted, Cloudy With A  Chance of Wine.

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