Things ‘Good’ Parents Never Say to their Kids………but secretly wish they could.

As we become parents, our lives are no longer our own. Our days of carefree, suiting yourself, doing whatever you want are over. Don’t kid yourself, it’s GONE. Once we have children, we have for at least 20 years, someone to think of and consider and provide for every moment. As children grow they become more self sufficient of course but we are still the main providers of their well being, food and shelter. Sometimes this becomes overwhelming. We, and when I say we, I really mean me :), long for time out. Peace in the bathroom is a priviledge not a right, get used to it. How did that happen? It makes me crazy sometimes.

It’s difficult to have a balance. Sometimes I feel I have lost me, I’m someone’s wife, someone’s mother, someone’s step monster and very rarely just me. Even the dog won’t leave me alone! OY!!!

I’ve adopted a saying from a close friend of mine, which I use sometimes…. It’s just a joke and the kids think it’s funny but sometimes I mean it ๐Ÿ™‚
When my name is called for the umpteen time the reply comes ‘Mum’s not here please leave a message’. Doesn’t work much but it makes me feel better and often breaks the intensity of the mood.

We all do the very best we can for our children, we build them up, we nurture them, we hold our tongues when we’re frustrated, we walk away rather than say something we know will hurt them deeply BUT sometimes, because we’re human and nobody’s perfect, we make mistakes. We say things we can’t take back. We think things that we shouldn’t, we secretly laugh to ourselves. Then we collect ourselves and continue on as good parents.

Here’s some things we sometimes wish we could say and why:

Go away, you’re annoying me.
Kids have a knack of finding the best way to annoy us. They know how to push our buttonsย just to get a reaction, It’s an evil plot, they’re really aliens out to get us.

Leave me alone.
We’re always there with a bright smiling face (yeah right but we try) when all you really want to say is leave me the hell alone. I’m tired and frustrated and can’t deal with you right now. Wait, make me a drink, then go away.

What the hell is this thing anyway?
Admit it , who hasn’t thought this when looking at a picture or sculpture our little one has made. All the books say never ask what it is… blah blah, always say ‘tell me about your art’. Bugger that, just tell me what it is so I can understand your brain. You weird little creature who I don’t get at all.

I’d really much rather be out shopping than attend your recital.
Sitting in school assemblies, concerts, performances, award ceremonies etc are like torture, right!? Of course we want to see our babies do well but who cares about the others. Is that wrong?… It’s cute and funny but who wouldn’t rather be out having a cocktail or shopping? Just sayin’ …… but just so you know I’m at every single one, sometimes for the encore performance too.

Sorry, I ate your easter eggs.
Oh come on! It’s chocolate, I bought it, not the Easter Bunny, you have tonnes, nobody left me any. I needed it, I had a hard day, there was a tornaaaahdo.

There’s more but then you’d think I was a bad mother, parent, person and I couldn’t cope if you didn’t like me.

P.S. ย The needy insecure me wrote this……….. hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Liked this a lot. Had a very bad parenting day yesterday and suspect I might have said one or two of these things… Trying to have a better day today.

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  3. Love this and we ALL have millions of moments every week when we want to say “I ate your Easter eggs,” “What the hell is that?” and OMG my favorite “Go away, you’re annoying me.” Ha!
    I want to know which ones you decided NOT to include. Promise I’ll still like you.

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  4. I tell my kids to go away and leave me alone all the time. Granted they are old enough to take care of themselves. They need to understand that I need a little peace some times!

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  5. We have all been there and as you said will be for some 20+ years. Love your blog Molley Mills and look forward to reading your new posts. Don’t forget your an amazing mama and a great person, we all have things we wish we could say and sometimes do. Thank you for sharing!

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