There’s Another Star in the Sky Tonight

This morning I woke up to a message from a friend that his mum had finally lost her battle with cancer. As I read the message and the tears flowed for his family and then for mine, I felt in that moment how fragile life is.

I have been talking with him on a regular basis while he was going through the pain of the last stages of her life. It’s so painful to see a loved one suffer and when they pass the pain is worse. Of course it’s over for the one suffering but then we’re left to deal with our loss and heartbreak. No words can help and often people have no idea what to say or do.

When you hear news of another’s loss it brings back the pain of your own.
I know exactly where they are right now. The journey has changed, they’re no longer worried about their mum’s suffering. Her pain is gone but their’s is just beginning.

There will be many dark days ahead. Grief is like that and although we tell ourselves that person is better off because they’re no longer suffering, we still want them back with us to talk to and be with. Knowing that we can never hear their voice again or hold them becomes too much to bear.

Over time the grief changes. It’s always there in your heart but life goes on and we think fondly of the one who is gone. There will be many firsts, where it will all come flooding back, first birthdays and christmases without that person and the smallest things can trigger tears. Let them flow, it helps but over time that will fade too.

Tonight there’s another star in the sky, another soul gone but never forgotten, and they live on in the memories of those left behind.

Sweet memories of the precious will never fade.


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  1. Your a princess, i just read this again for about the 30th time i reckon, tears still well and my throat still hurts, you know the hurt, like lumps!!
    Time does ease the hurt! but as you know we still think about them every day.

    Your a special soul Molley Mills

    Luv Ya


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