The Weight of the World

Here it is again, that one day of the week the whole world hates. ….MONDAY ……The energy, or lack of, is palpable. Everyone is tired and cranky, in a rush and usually late. Things always seem to go wrong on Monday mornings when you’re trying to get organised.

This is how it really feels

BUT WHY?  ….It’s just another day, no different to any other. Why does Monday have such a bad rep?

Songs are written about it.  The Boomtown Rats, The Mamas and Papas, The Bangles… and there are so many others.

My twitter feed has been clogged with negative Monday comments, I did it myself this morning.
Face book is no different, all those monday jokes and complaints. No one complains about Tuesdays or Thursdays.

I try on sunday nights to relax and get the kids organised for an early bed but The King doesn’t want the weekend to end so this creates a problem. He actually stays up later on Sunday nights than on Friday or Saturday, it drives me crazy.

Mondays are just so tiring, even the kids have trouble getting going. I’m always dragging my feet on too little sleep.

Psychologists have done studies on it, telling us it’s all in our heads. Well DUH but why?

I guess it has something to do with getting back into work mode, feeling tired from your sporting activities, partying or late night weekend. Especially if you don’t particularly like your work/school or if you’re coming off a vacation.

They’ve also done studies about sleeping in and how it messes with your sleep cycle but let’s face it no one wants to get up early on a weekend. We all sleep late and stay up late. It’s the rules.

Whatever the reason, we should try to love Monday more. I’m sure it’s a lovely day really. Adopting a new attitude could be all it takes to move past the Mondayitis we all feel.


*This post was finally brought to you by tired Monday eyes and too much coffee.

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