The Post Where I Discover Sleep is NOT Overrated.

As I sit here slurping my coffee and writing this through bleary eyes, I wonder ‘what next’. It’s Monday, that’s bad enough, with the collective weight of the world on her shoulders it’s no wonder Monday serves us up a barrel of shit to wade through. To add insult to injury Sunday night was a pure arsehole. There’s no other description. I have been noticing increased temperatures in my body for the past couple of weeks. Not a lot but enough to make me uncomfortable at times but last night it was awful! So bad in fact, that when the air conditioner reached it’s set temperature and cut out my brain went into panic. I lay there, trying desperately to will it back on without moving so as to not disturb the sleeping body beside me. I failed, on both counts, The King asked if I was going to be fidgeting long and the air conditioner mocked me from the other side of the room as the ambient temp soared to levels that could rival the surface of the sun. In my panicked state I tried, I really did, to lay still so the cool air could surround me but hormones are sneaky fuckers and cruel to a fault and so to avoid further discomfort to all, I picked up my pillow and headed downstairs to the couch, where I could settle in the cool of the cranked up air conditioner and flip flop to my heart’s content without disturbing my bed friend from his snoring slumber.

Upon arrival to the downstairs accommodations, I wake the dog, who huffs at me for the inconvenience and promptly ascends to quieter quarters. The clock reads 2:05 and I haven’t even begun to sleep. I toss and turn and try to settle but the component lights mock me in bright green and blue and white. The couch offers some comfort, the familiar feel of hours before but that was lounging and watching tv, this is trying to sleep, sadly it’s not the same. The air conditioner buzzes, the temperature drops and finally, finally I drift off to sleep.

4:13 am stares at me from the shelf as I readjust my position,  this sleeping on the couch thing is not for me, I miss my bed, I miss the snoring but it’s cool and I’m sleeping. Three more hours, that’s all I ask, just let me sleep until there’s a 7 at the beginning of the time. Then I will get up and be the mother that makes her kid breakfast, the mother who is cheery and asks how you slept even when I didn’t, who caters to your every need as you get ready to take on the world. Because that is my job.

So if you need me, you’ll find me, right where you left me, on the couch in the cool, waiting for the next hot flash to pass.couch bed


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  1. Insomnia sucks! I’ve heard and read all about how lights from electronics should be dimmed in the bedroom and possibly even banned altogether. I can’t wrap my head around that concept. I’m too addicted to my iPad, iPhone and tv to bring myself to that drastic measure. Hope you get some zzzzs!

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