The Blue Bag Brigade

I am a proud member of an elite club, a collection of very special people who everyday, sometimes several times, get to traipse the city parks and streets with their mutts. And those mutts shit! Lord Do they…… The law says we have to pick up that shit or we get a fine.

Be considerate of others, not an ignorant douche

I am ok with that because living where I live, too many people think they are above this law and walking down the street is literally like dodging land minds, of the dog shit variety.

It’s unfair. Who do they think they are? I bet they’re the same people who let their kids sit in shit for hours because they don’t wanna deal with a diaper change. No… probably not, I’m totally judging…

But it pisses me off, it’s not the worst job in the world, you get a little baggy and put your hand in it and pick up the poop! Yeah ok it’s a little gross but it’s the decent thing to do.

I’m totally into shaming non poop pickers, but in a nice way so as not to get bashed or shot, yeah Harlem is still progressing…..if I see someone leaving poop and I happen to be out with Sir Lickalot, I will say, ‘Oh did you forget your bag? I have a spare you can have.’ You’d be amazed how that works, people get embarrassed when you call them out on their bad manners.

But I can’t be everywhere and I won’t be the crazy lady carry dog poop bags in my coat pocket in case I see an offender. Cos that’d be nuts ….. What I will do is pick up my own dog’s shit. Every single time, (except that one time in the bushes in the park at night and I couldn’t find it and I still feel guilty) I promise…Let’s ALL do that and be part of the Blue Bag Brigade!

Cos there’s nothing worse that dog shit on your favourite shoes!


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  1. I’ve done the shaming via offer of spare bag thing, too! I was very annoyed yesterday when leaving the house to see that someone had let their dog poop on the sidewalk in front of my mailbox and left it there. Gross!

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