The Black Chick, The White Chick, The Aussie and The Muslim

Yes it’s an odd title but let me tell you it’s an odd group! These ladies are some of my friends from the school. We hang out at school, trying to improve the place, we go for liquid lunches (most of us). We drink tons of coffee 🙂 We txt constantly and kick each others kids butts when required. It’s really nice to have close friends with whom you can share your problems and your joys. I believe it’s very important to have friends and I’m so pleased to have these ones. I can only imagine the sight we make walking down the street, we could be the United Colours of Benetton poster for multiculturalism. There’s no racism here. It has been a great thing for me being able to immerse in cultures I have never experienced. Living in Harlem has it’s challenges but these ladies have watched out for me, included me and I like to think I’ve made their lives more interesting too. Even if only for my dry Aussie wit 🙂

We’ve been known to cut a little loose in the ‘hood in the wee hours of the morning. Our adventures are always fun to recount the next day. We’ve damaged others in the process and bars have closed down after we’ve visited. It could have been the bad Michael Jackson dancing.

We’re on a first name basis with bar tenders and baristas alike and even the supermarket managers know who we are! It’s safe to say we’ve made our mark on the ‘hood.

We watch out for each other. We have all had our trials and I think we support each other pretty well. We know each others crap and still hang out. We don’t let the crap stop us having fun.

It’s important for women to have friends they can rely on and open up to. Men don’t understand that stuff. They don’t get that we just need to talk about it and have someone listen. They’re geared to fix our problems but women know that we don’t always need it fixed, we just need to talk it out and we can often fix it ourselves once we’ve processed it. Of course, sometimes they ARE our problems…..

I know these ladies have helped to keep me sane. Well mostly sane 🙂 I have many, many friends and I’m so lucky for that…… but these chicks just get me.

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  1. Ok in tears. Finally found time to read ur blog. Love it quite interesting . Will follow. Do ur thing. But I don’t think the black chick white chick Aussie and the Muslim works anymore see ya

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