Summertime Blues

Summer vacation is a time of freedom, of spending time in the great outdoors, swimming, running, bike riding, discovering nature and just playing wild and free…………..right?!

eeeeeehhhhhhhhh  (lame buzzer sound)

This household has a hard time moving 🙂 the kids don’t even surface until after 9am, hey I’m only just up myself, don’t judge me.
Then we gnaw on whatever we can prepare ourselves for breakfast. It is holidays…. don’t be thinking I’m running any kind of breakfast buffet. If you can’t make it yourself, you ain’t eating it.

Sometime around 10:30 we’ll get ourselves washed and dressed and I’ll fight Miss Gremlin to brush her teeth. Everyday I tell her, everyday she complains….. (sigh)

If it’s nice outside I will feel a large measure of guilt and be determined to go out into it….. but all I really want to do is be on the couch and write blog post for you guys.

If you even mention the word ‘walk’ , you’re doomed and TD will pace until it happens, lucky he can’t spell yet. Actually I only have to put pants on and his anticipation button is pushed. Oh the pressure!

Today I feel less guilt because the King is out at meeting so we’re not disturbing him by being here.

The kids are more than happy sitting  in front of computers, playing on ipods or watching tv….. yes that’s wrong and they should be outside but I’m just tired, weary, lacking in enthusiasm and just don’t want to go out…. These are the times I long for a backyard, where I can send them out guilt free while I stay inside away from them.

Soon enough we will go out, because I know we have to…. but I’d rather just stay here.

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