Sir Lickalot’s Gone Social or Viral- There’s Shots for that Right?

You all know our dog, our special needs dog, Sir Lickalot, whom we all love dearly, who is a total nutcase and a furball . I’ve written about him several times, explaining his rescue and his issues and his idiosyncrasies. Well now I’ve gone and unleashed him on the world. How can I be selfish? How can I not share our boy with the masses, his thoughts, his actions, just him.

So here it is Sir Lickalot is on Twitter and you should follow him! He is the happiest dog when he meets new people.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 1.42.48 PM

He makes us laugh everyday. I know he’ll be able to make you laugh too!


Oh and because it’s Hump Day you should go and hook up! And if you’re not a hooker then at least you’ll have some great things to read!

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