Of Course We Have the Temple Grandin of Dogs

My dog is special, like Temple Grandin special. I’ve talked about him being brain damaged before. What I may have failed to mention is he likes small spaces and that’s where the Temple Grandin theory comes in. I understand the difference between autism and brain damage, before you get you knickers in a twist, moving on…………This is about my dog’s specialness. He must be touching something wherever he lays. You can find him lying against something like this


clean puppy

or this

what hurricane

he’s always got some part of his body touching me or another family member or a piece of furniture

table squish

This is his current favourite spot, squished between the table and the couch with his feet tucked under the carpet.

under the chaise

I don’t even understand what this is about… Why the hell does he want to hide his head under there?

laying down

I’ve never seen a dog NEED to be laying against something all the time…

But when he’s not … he’s doing this……


Our lapdog is bigger than your lapdog!

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  1. Hahaha…just watched that movie. No, I just watched it last week for the first time… I’m thinking of building my own comfort contraption. Definitely one with ear muffs built in. It was brilliant.

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