Sir Lickalot-Special Dog

We love Sir Lickalot, we really do, he’s our special child. I’ve told his story before which you can read here but in short he has brain damage from abuse when he was a puppy. We got him at 10mths and he’d already had a hard life. We have no idea what really happened to him but even 5 years on he has cellular memories to things and reacts strangely.

When we feed him, we have to completely back away from the food bowl before he’ll come near it usually cowering but we’ve never hit him or chastised him about food. He’s freaked out by the bag of kibble. Whenever I bring it out to feed him he goes upstairs! I think he doesn’t like the noise. He doesn’t like dog treats and using food as a teaching tool is out of the question because he won’t take it from your hand.

He’s a very fast learner. His damage is not in his intelligence areas of the brain, it’s all motor skills. So he walks like he’s drunk and rather than circle 3 times to lay down he just falls over like he’s been shot and with gusto…. he can move the bed when he flops down at the end of it.

At night, one false move and he thinks it’s time to go out. He’s learned that I have to be dressed before he’s actually going anywhere but if either of us gets up in the night for a bathroom break, he becomes crazy change position dog.

You know how you walk around your home in the dark and you know where things are, well when we get up in the night we know where he is, either laying on the floor on my side of the bed, in the hall or at the end of the bed. They are his 3 favourite spots, except when it’s hot then he likes the bathroom tiles.

So when nature calls we scope him out so we don’t trip over him….. but he’s got other ideas. He can be dead asleep when we step over him but when we come out of the bathroom, we trip over him all the time……………because he moves! It’s like he plays a joke on us every night.

He can traverse our open rise stairs in a matter of seconds, especially if we’ve said ‘walk’ or there’s someone at the door. He’s very social and needs to meet everyone that comes to the door. He gets super excited when we put shoes on, regardless if he’s going out or not. He gets really pissed if he can’t go but he always forgives us when we get back.

When he lays down he must be against something and likes small squishy spaces. He hugs the rug, with one foot under it. He takes comfort in the closeness …. like the Temple Grandin hug machine thing. He is special you know.

He’s extremely vocal but NEVER barks. We’ve heard his bark 3 times in 5 years.

He gets cranky at us and huffs like a child, which is hilarious.

He drools a little all the time. If they made dog bibs he’d be wearing one! He drools more when little Vegas comes to visit. We have no idea why. He is obsessed by her.

He LOVES little people, obsessively…..and he loves us. Which is awesome because we love him, our very own special child.

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  1. Ah, he sounds like a sweetheart! I’m glad he has you; it is so sad to think of dogs being mistreated. I believe mine was too; she had an intense fear of men when we brought her home from the shelter, along with a slew of other problems.

  2. Beautiful Story! I love dogs and had two growing up. I hate to read any stories involved in animal abuse. It makes me really angry to know that someone would abuse a helpless animal. I feel like finding a really big person bringing it to them and saying ok now he’s going to do everything to you that you did to that dog. I know its probably much but I just can’t tolerate those kinds of people. Sir Lickalot is so luck to have found you or you’re lucky to have found him.

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      yeah we love him extra because he’s damaged. I don’t understand cruelty to animals either. I approve of your idea to have the same treatment given to the animal abuser. 🙂 An eye for an eye and all that.

  3. I came over from the I <3 My Blog and am so happy I got to read about your special dog. Absolutely such a wonderful and sweet story and glad to have gotten to know him a bit through your writing 🙂 🙂

  4. Aww, he’s a cute, fuzzy guy. That really pisses me off that he was abused. Who abuses puppies?!?!?! I hate people. They suck. I don’t know what happened to my little kitty but she is such a scaredy cat that I think something traumatic happened to her. She’s come a long way – she plays & likes to be pet (but only by me) and some times follows me around the house, but I have never heard her make a sound – other than purring or hissing. The other cat won’t shut the hell up. Have you seen Lola the pug who can’t run? You have to see it. I have a link to it on my blog somewhere. The dog also has a brain injury but the family made a song & video of the dog & it is freaking hilarious. Once you watch it you can’t get the song out of your head.

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