No Wonder I’m Nuts

Last night after a busy day for us but a stay inside work day for the King this is what transpired when a suggestion to go outside was made. Nobody was very enthusiastic. We lost ………………….. 🙂

King: Let’s go out for a hit of tennis after dinner kids

kids both falling asleep in their dinner plates: nah bit tired

King: You’ll be right once you get out there

GMD: I’m pretty tired

little Miss Gremlin is almost crying at this point…..

King: yeah you’ll be right

me: he has had a big trip dad, he’s pretty tired

king: he’s on holidays

me: that wasn’t a holiday it was a pretty intense trip

king: did they go to school?

me: no

king: … holidays

me: (sigh)

me: ok fine, TD can stay here, he’s been out already

king: but he loves going out, he’s good over there

me: he’s a pain….(sigh)…….ok fine

king: go downstairs kids and pump your soccer ball up, we’ll meet you in the lobby

kids: ok (sigh)

waiting an extraordinary amount of time for the king, there’s the chatting to the princess in OZ, there’s a bathroom break and whatever else he had to do. (seriously worse than a chick) oh yeah shoes…..

20 mins later….. in lobby, the king starts leaving the building.

me:  we have to wait for the kids

king: where are they?

me: in basement pumping up the ball, where you sent them

king: still?

me: well they certainly wouldn’t have left the building without us, maybe they need help, ….no the elevator is coming down

king: why are they up there?

me: I don’t know, we did take a very long time

king: well surely it doesn’t take this long for them to go inside and see we’re not there

me: the door’s locked

king: oh

elevator arrives in lobby

king: where’ve you been?

GMD: in the basement pumping up the ball

king: all this time?

GMD: yep

king: oh (very confused look)

We walked, played tennis against the wall, I was annihilated, TD hung out at the court, the kids kicked soccer balls against the wall, we came home at dark.

The King always gets what he wants………. sigh

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