My Italian Superman- A Travel Guide

When you visit Italy, it’s best to wear a superman cape and be 3.

I must fly up there and save that………

The wind isn’t making my cape flap right

When you’re 3 and wear a superman cape, you can have a love affair without words. Italian chicks dig the strong silent type.

Yep, she digs me!

So do little sisters.

I’m superman, my sister can eat me if she wants

When you’re 3 and wear a superman cape, the Colosseum is bigger and you can imagine flying around it.

Now if this dad person will let me go I can fly over there

When you’re 3 and wearing a superman cape, you can totally straighten that crooked tower in Pisa. Cos you know how annoying it is when things are crooked.

And you totally have to pretend with the trash can….



Should you ever find yourself in Italy, if you can’t be 3 at least wear a superman cape.

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