Little Girl Meltdowns and Crabby Mamas

The last few days have been a hormone fueled crap fest. Miss Gremlin is 8 and all those new hormones are starting to move around in her body, she’s happy then sad, angry and needy…….SHE’S 8! Lord help me.

I’m not 8, but those same hormones move around my body at an exaggerated rate and some days the two don’t mix. I am trying to figure out how to be patient and kind and teach her how to deal with fluctuations but as I’m plowing through my dreaded pre-menopausal stage, my patience tank is sadly bone dry.

No wonder teen daughters clash with their mothers, everyones hormones are trying to kill them from the inside and the struggle spills out through vitriolic words and total meltdowns.

Husband, fathers and brothers often run for the hills!

I don’t want this for my household. I want to be sane and rational and help my daughter to understand her moods and learn to curb her tongue. But first I have to work it out myself!

Yeah I know I should have it down by now but that’s not how it works, just when you think you’ve got it, you hit the next stage of life and you’re in unfamiliar territory again.

It’s hard.

I’m working on two separate yet interlocking issues. The answers are out there, it’s just a matter of finding them….. OR we could just curl up together with our blankies and chocolate, not speaking because the hormones have taken over…..


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  1. I can soooo relate to this post! My oldest just turned 12, i have an 8.5yr old, almost 7yr old, and almost 2yr old (daughters – 10.5yr old son too) and i swear they are all trying to crack me lately. The hormones are INSANE. I’ve gone to bed exhausted emotionally and physically, and wanting to do better the next day. It’s like the best job in the world and the hardest job too! Hang in there, it’s gotta get easier and less hormonal at some point…like when we’re in nursing homes and the kids come to visit.

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  2. I have so often had that same thought about my daughter’s hormone kicking in just when mine are kicking the bucket! For her, I have two roles. I am the reminder-er that you can feel cranky and out of sorts, but that you don’t get to use that as an excuse for being a brat. You can control your actions, and your words, even if you have no control over your emotions. It is work, but it is possible.

    Secondly, I find myself running interference for her and the rest of the household. I’m quick to say, “Just cut her some slack today. Let it go,” because she is a kid. I don’t expect her to be at her best when she feels at her worst.

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