Let’s face it, we knew this would happen

When My Lord Dr King went to visit the old place, we reminisced and were surprised to see the plaque we put there was still standing.

How do you leave a previous owners name on your front door for a decade!? People are weird.

So he walked all around the place, checking things out, like right into the backyard! I would never have enough guts to do that. Whenever I went there a scary man would come out and watch me… He was creepy.

However we think it has changed hands as we knew it was on the market and because it  now looks nice and tidy. I’ve seen it with car wrecks everywhere and car parts on the grass tennis court we used to tend with loving care. Did I mention people are weird? Who does that?


This is one of the decks and the suspension bridge My Lord Dr King built when Grand Master D was about 2.




Our beautiful tennis court, which we line marked and used a cylinder mower on to get those funky patterns you see on the professional courts.




My Lord Dr King is standing on the spot where we buried one of our beautiful dogs.



Over the front wall you can see the Bali style hut we built beside the pool. Grand Master D used to swing from a rope ‘ala Tarzan style’ into the pool at age 3. 🙂 . He also had a spiderman bouncy house up this end that he used to launch himself into the pool, deep end of course. It was also my solace on those super hot summer nights during pregnancy.



This is the purpose built recording studio which could be converted to a 4 br apartment.



And this ? Well it just had to come home where it belongs right?


Naturally 🙂


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