Your Time Here is Done

As part of his tour, My Lord Dr King arrived on the Gold Coast, where we lived before we moved to New York, where all our friends were. Where we’d made our lives, married, had our babies, our house, our business. I go back all the time, take the kids by the house, remind them where they were born, show them where they’re from. I think it’s important for them to know. But My Lord Dr King isn’t one for sentiment. Whenever I tell him we drove by the house or we walked by or whatever (because we do it every time 🙂 ) He says why? Why bother?

But I always do it.

So I was talking to him this morning, he was staying just around the corner. I asked if he was going for a look and he said ‘I suppose I could’ and as we were chatting he was there. I told you it was literally around the corner 🙂

He’s been back there once, for 4 days to prepare it for sale, in 2007.

Now in all the times I’ve driven by, walked by etc, I’ve never gone to the front gate but My Lord Dr King did… and this is what was he saw.

Right at the front gate, next to the door bell:`

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.11.00 PM

We moved away in 2005, we sold it in 2007…

It’s still there!

How can you buy a house, make it your home, live there for almost a decade and have the previous owners names at the front door?

That’s just weird.


Closure people, it’s important.



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