It’s Award Time…..

It’s always so lovely when what you do is appreciated. I’ve been at this blogging thing for less than a year and I’m still amazed that people want to read what I have to say… I love writing it but sometimes all the self promotion and putting yourself out there goes against my very nature…..So it always with genuine surprise and excitement that I receive awards.

Very Inspiring Blogger AwardThis one is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and it was bequeathed me by my sista wife Sleepybard at The Insomniac’s Dream. We have grown very close in a short space of time, so much so that she married me and will be whisking me off to her island of sista wives very soon….

Ok so with every award comes rules and this one is no different, so here they are:

1.Explain seven things about yourself. Yeah ok self promotion again….

2.Pass it onto other bloggers. Sleepybard was a bit vague with this part but she’s just turned Vampire and is still getting all her bats in a  row. So I’ll just find some bloggers who inspire me and let you see for yourself.

7 Things About Me:

I’m an Aussie expat, trying to navigate American life in New York City. Mostly successfully, sometimes not. Being the die hard country girl I am, this busy place sometimes does my head in.

I have OCD tendencies but control them because if the King knew then ……………yeah moving on!

I HATE ironing with a passion, I know how to do it but I have no need. Nothing I own requires it… The King has an entire dry cleaner downstairs.. He doesn’t need me to do it.

I love my children with all my being but I need a break often. That’s what school is for…but school isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and I contemplate homeschooling at least 3 times a week and kick myself because then I’d have them home ALL DAY.

It should be illegal to get up before the sun. Schedules should change in the winter to accommodate my needs. I’d be way nicer to be around.

I love old movies, black and whites and old tv show which remind me of my childhood.

I miss being in Australia and around my close knit extended family. Yep we’re that raise a barn kinda family….You want a job done you just say beer and bbq and the family is there….

Ok so now to my inspirations:

Life Well Blogged: Ah hello… THESE chicks inspired me to submit material which became part of a book! They got me published. I’m awesome because of them!!!

Momaical: This chick, Tracy, blows my mind every single day. BOOM … no mind. She just did it again. Not only is she the funniest chick ever but she gets her stuff published everywhere AND gets her head on all sorts of media….

My Life as Lucille: Lady Lucy did the most amazing thing over Christmas, she was part of a group who did this for a friend. Although Sleepybard started it…Lucy helped. That was awesome.

DeBie Hive: Her story about loss the other day was truly amazing…And she’s awesome at pimping out us newbies… I know I’m on her list to pimp out soon:) She got this award when I did  but she still inspires me..

Diapers Or Wine?: This crazy homeschooling mama with 5 kids  has awesome stories of life inside her world… And trust me when I tell you not to read her blog while drinking anything …. your computer WILL be covered in spit.

First Time Mom and Dad: This chick, I swear, I wanna smack nearly every morning through the phone with her chipper attitude and happy banta on twitter…….buuuttt she gets me going and makes me laugh at myself…. AND she’s married to an Aussie so I have to love her.

Sleepybard, my sista wife….I love you and am proud of you but I’m not giving you the award back, that would just be weird.

Awards like this are fun but also work…so if you wish to just be loved and not forward it on that’s ok with me 🙂

These are my current inspirations. Please go and give them some love.

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  1. YOU Bloody Aussies! I could marry you too, becuse I know what makes you happy… Clock in the toilet. Pint, parma and pokies for ‘dinnah’. BBQ after the kid’s net ball game, and for the love of gawd, keep that chipper American accent down!

    Molly, you are the goods. I am so thankful I have found the female version of my digger. xx

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