It’s a World Gone Mad…..

Oh wait the kids just swapped beds.

In my total, wasted haze of befuddledness that was monday, I generously allowed the children to swap beds. Yeah I know it was a school night and being in new digs is not going to help them settle down and leave me the hell alone but they caught me at a weak moment.
The goodnight train heads out… we hug and kiss it out and they go to bed. Now from my position in the living room I can hear the muffled sounds of not sleeping chatter which I desperately try to ignore because I really don’t wanna see them anymore. It’s mummy’s time, stop stealing it, damn it! Time ticks by a little longer  and then from my same position I see two pyjama clad figures having a powwow at the fridge, breathe in, breathe out……. very calmly I ask ‘why are you out of bed? Is there an emergency?’…’No we’re just getting drinks.’ Drinks, really? Are we clubbing together at bedtime now? sheesh. They never come out together, it’s always one, followed by the other but not this night. They’ve had a little chat, they’re hanging out in each others beds.They’re thirsty, let’s get drinks. At this point the King sees my frustration and steps in. The chosen method is not part of best parenting weekly but it sure got them back in their beds. I don’t like yelling but it worked. Ahhhhh settle down, relax, it’s over for the night.

bzzzzzzz, rattle, shake, flash ……..oooh a txt, fun… let’s chat, who is it?

OMG and WTF!   and all

the other unused letters. Grand Master D is txting me from his sister’s bed. There it is in black and white, staring me in the face. The bad parent alert. Not the words of a late night friend to chat about the day but a child sending a txt for another child too scared to leave her bed, oops, her brother’s bed. (sigh)

This is the third night this week that the tummy has had trouble, last week Grand Master D’s tummy was having trouble. It’s starting to make me concerned about the meals I’m making? Nope they’re great, I’m a super chef, awesome cooker. Right!?

In I go to check the poor sick little cherub, not muttering under my breath 🙂 I’m not like that. “What’s up missy? You got altitude sickness? ” Giggles all round, yep I’m funny, I can admit that. I administer the required amount of drugs to help me feel better, I mean, take the tummy pains away and eventually they drift off to sleep. Just in time for me to lay down and immediately start drooling, asleep on my couch pillow. So much for the nice evening, relaxing with the King, enjoying some tv.

Luckily, we get to try all over again tonight. YAWN.

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