It’s a Full House

The Princess arrived from OZ this week, just after us. She has business to attend to and friends to see. While she’s sorting out her apartment she’s bunking in with us.

Stacks on Dad!

It’s just like the old days. The King and I, The Princess, Grand Master D, Miss Gremlin, Sir Lickalot, who becomes Sir Droolalot, when the fluffbag, Vegas is in the house.
They just run all day. He chases her down the hall into the bedroom and she chases him out. It’s very funny to see a little maltese fluffbag chasing a huge Leonberger down the hall. There are huge puddles of drool on the floor where he is just too excited that she’s around. I would love to get into his mind to see what he’s thinking.

This morning they all went out early and the house was very quiet. They ran with the dogs and did obstacle courses and all manner of other things you do when you’re jetlagged and up before the sun.

It gets a little nutty with 5 people and 2 dogs in the place but it’s kinda nice too. We miss The Princess since she moved into her apt and then back to OZ. I really like everyone together.

She’s here for 2 weeks so we’ll just enjoy it while we can……. And then we’ll skype.

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