I’m Not Changing Much, Just Turning Slightly….

As with all things fluid, I find my direction changing again ever so slightly. When I started this blog I was hell bent on imparting all the knowledge I had on raising kids. I was always getting compliments on how well behaved our kids were and asked how we did it. The King was encouraging me to write a book. We were gonna call it “We were wrong, Smack ‘Em’ but writing a full book seemed like too much commitment and so this blog was born less than a year ago. As I went along, I began realising that I didn’t really have that voice, sure I had great kids and I knew plenty about breastfeeding and teaching toddlers to behave and not be out of control asssholes. That was always super important to me, probably to a fault. But I was determined that my children would not wreck my home, draw on walls, have tantrums and be the kind of children that anyone would be willing to spend time with.

To that end and for the most part I succeeded. What I missed out on in the process I’ll never know because that was my whole focus. They slept through by 3 months, they ate solids by 4 months and were potty trained well before 3. I guess I was strict and I’m sure along the way I made tactical errors and could’ve bent  and flowed a little more and enjoyed their younger years more. All this to say, I am very proud of my children and they are very well behaved and we still get awesome compliments about them as tweens  now and their ability to reach beyond the expected level of their age group.

But the voice of the blog changed in the process , it became more about my struggles and everyday life and depression and how to live in a foreign country and less about advice and all the preachy shit that goes with it, which I was so convinced I needed to spew onto the blogosphere. It’s all still there in the beginning  and in all honesty, I do have some good ideas, if you care to look.

But now again, I find myself evolving, this time I’m asking for your assistance. I have joined the EXPAT world and seeing as we’ve lived here for 7 years and certainly have stories to tell, I believe I can weave those stories into the fabric of this blog so that although the voice changes, it also stays the same. SO many things happen to people who move continents that others should be aware of, even if it ‘s as simple as foods being called different things. Sharing knowledge is what this interweb thing is really for right?

But I can’t do it without your help, and so I ask if you could help me gain some traction in this area and give some feed back.

Expat Blogs has me as a new featured blog and I need comments, so I humbly ask you to spare a few minutes and write something awesome about me and my little blog so others may come to know how much fun we have everyday just shooting the breeze about all the things we talk about…..here is the link
Just tell them something nice about me.

And this second link,

All I need are votes. I know, another popularity contest but this is a one and done deal. And who knows, your input might help some poor unsuspecting Aussie some heartache moving to America….

Thanks Guys, I couldn’t do any of this without you.



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  1. Although I didn’t move a continent away from my familiar home, it sure feels that way. In that respect, I can relate. Being a transplant is one of the most difficult challenges I have ever had to face. I can only imagine your level of homesickness. I think anyone who follows your blog and your stories will appreciate your expanded voice. I’m interested in all kinds of things about your experiences. Do you take Q & A’s? I will definitely leave comments and vote. Anything I can do for a fellow mom, transplant, and friend would be my pleasure.

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  2. I will vote for you… “break a leg” and I hope you will be on top 🙂 ♥ I just realize that being far from home is very challenging. I can’t imagine leaving the place I have grown up.

    I’m very happy for you, just follow the good flow and it will be great.

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