If you Give Your Child an Ipad

If you give your child an ipad,

you better makes some rules.

Don’t let them go to bed with it,

or they’ll be late to school.

If you give your child an ipad,

expect a late night txt

your relaxation will be stopped

you’ll wonder what is next












If you give your child an ipad

you know you will regret it,

they won’t give up,

they won’t give in,












if you give a child an ipad

expect to be frustrated,

you child will try and test you

and request you, every single night












If you give your child an ipad,

you will not get your rest,

you’ll be in your chair, then on your feet

they’ll steal your very best












If you give your child an ipad,

they’ll test your strong resolve

they’ll stretch it and they’ll flex it

and work  that one last nerve












If you give your child an ipad

you know they’re gonna love you

you’ve won their heart, they better not start

to take that thing to bed.











You’ve been warned.







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  1. LOL! Thankfully, my son hasn’t learned how to text me from his iPad, but he HAS figured out how to buy apps. Loved the email confirmation I got with the laundry list of apps he decided he needed. I quickly password protected the apps store after that. Now if only I could ween him off of his internet addiction when mommy is trying to blog!!! 🙂

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  2. Not having an Ipad because we’re poor, I’m going to assume you’re the authority on the topic. I’ll heed any sort of warning in poetry form! Thanks for linking up with the Humor Me Blog Hop!

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