Hump Day Hook Up

hump day hook up

Welcome to The Hump Day Hook Up…


Hump Day Hook Up has no rules, other than to link up an older post. And by older, we mean something old enough to ‘date’… Not today’s fresh shiny new post. It’s a chance to dig up something from your archives you want to pimp out again and have it read one more time. Let’s face it, it was so good you wanted more people to read it anyhow…. AND comment.

As always  there’s No themes and no rules… It’s like the easiest hook up you’ve ever had!

But mate, we do ask you to try and play nice, hop around and visit as many other blogs as you can and leave some sauce.(comments)

Hop on over, everyone loves a hook up. Make sure to come back each Hump Day Wednesday. Hook Up starts at 8am, cocktails optional, no judgement.

Fill out the link-up information at the bottom of this page:
Under “Link Title”, enter the title of your blog, not your post.
Under “URL”, enter the address for that specific post, not your home page.

Please share on facebook and twitter. The more friends we hook up with the more hook ups we get…. Wait, is that wrong? More is better right?

And please grab our button to participate. Add it to your page, post or sidebar, you have no idea how hard we worked to get it right 🙂

Oh and don’t forget to PIN IT!

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  1. Love this linkup! 😀 And I’m with Lisa (above) – gonna have to give up my afternoon shift job so I can stay home and read all these great entries. Have to go today, but I’ll be stopping back later tonight to do just that! Thank you so much for hosting this! 😀

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