Timtam Slam- It’s a Vlog day!

Happy Hump Day peeps, I’m home with a sick child….AGAIN and every time I try to get a run at work and the creativity starts, she needs something. *facepalm*

Oh well, so for my sanity (chocolate fix) and your enjoyment, I’m going to share an Aussie tradition. The Timtam slam.

It’s a *VLOG! (please disregard the bad hair day, and pretend I look super glamourous… m’kay!)

If you’re looking for this delicious goodness you can order them online at Simplyoz.com or bribe an Aussie to smuggle them in for you.

*camera credit goes to Miss Gremlin

Happy Hump Day, and don’t forget to hook up!

A Mother Life

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  1. Rev. Fred

    The tim tam thing is out of control. There is now a range of tim tams ‘designed’ by Adriano Zumbo, whoever the F that is.

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