Hump Day Halloween

The kids are excited, the costumes are ready. The candy bowl by the door is full, in anticipation of dozens of little hands reaching in for goodies. Your spooky sign is out…..

Trick or treaters need a sign 🙂

If you’re crafty you’ve baked and decorated some treats, if not, you’ve bought some but you’re all stocked up. The temptation to raid the stash has been too much for some, pounds of tempting goodies have been around for weeks, but it’s almost over.

The kids are super excited.

All the stores have put the candy away, they’re onto the next holiday.

Now there’s a phenomenon I don’t understand, one year I went on Halloween morning to get my candy and there was nothing left! I was very new to the Halloween game. They were setting up for Christmas. I had to buy the expensive chocolate. Sometimes we learn the hard way.

The City will be a bit subdued this year, Sandy has kicked us in the teeth. We’re down but not out.

They’ve cancelled the Annual Halloween Parade. It seems right. But we’ll do our best to have some fun. It’s what New Yorkers do.

It’s hard to get in the spirit here, but I hope you go out tonight, enjoy the kids and their costumes and get lots of loot. While you’re out, spare a thought for those who won’t be participating, those who are just trying to survive, those who’ve lost a love one. The kids who wish they could.


I wish you all a Happy Halloween, be safe and have fun.

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  1. We’ve got our stuff ready to go here. Kids are not sure if they’re doing T or T because the youngest has basketball tryouts til 6:30 then needs to come home, eat and get dressed. T or T ends at 8. Oldest is doing T or T for the charity Unicef.

    Good luck to all who weathered the storm!

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