He’s Getting a Pirate Patch…

For all you folks who’ve heard about Sir Lickalot, this news will come as no surprise, well surprise perhaps but it will totally help you make more sense of some of his quirks.

We’re going away this week, last minute naturally, and needed to put him in a kennel while we were gone. It is for longer than a few days and having someone drop in and feed him wasn’t really good enough for his needs. So because of this, he needed to be updated on his vaccinations, yeah I’ve been bad, we were broke ok, and food was more important than Sir Lickalot contracting rabies from some fucked up squirrel in the park, which I felt pretty sure I could kick away with my foot.

But now to get a kennel place one must spend money and get his rabies and distemper and kennel cough shots…My vet, bless their hearts (which really means fuck them cos they wouldn’t fit me in) couldn’t help me and as we’re going in a couple of days I needed to find someone else.

This lead to several phone calls and an appointment within the hour…great!

You know we fly by the seat of our pants here at AML headquarters so Friday afternoon is the perfect time to need an immediate vet visit. Whatever…the vet was a 40 block walk, no problem he hadn’t had his walk for the day so Miss Gremlin and I set off.

We arrived in time but due to unforeseen circumstances we spent over an hour waiting. I was treated with a beer for my trouble…. You know Friday drinkies.

When he finally got in to see the vet, I explained all his issues, which as we know are quite extensive. Then the vet did his own examination.

He’s been to at least 2 vets that I know of. Maybe more but this vet is the first person to ever say he’s blind.

What a shock, I was flabbergasted!

How can you own a dog for 5 years and not know he’s blind in his left eye.Um?  I always thought the normal one was a sleepy eye. It never occurred to me it could be the other way around. His left eye is almost twice the size it should be.

Apparently he has glaucoma too… what the FUCK…as if he doesn’t have enough issues without having to munch on some ‘special’ doggie cookies for that disease.

The pressure on that eyeball is twice what it should be and the vet said he wanted to shrink the eye. That procedure would require a needle into his eye to basically pop it. We’re not sure we wanna do that, we don’t really know if it bothers him. And how will he look poor darlin’, so we’re going to think on it and decide.

There is a silver lining, because when you’re faced with these decisions you need that right?!

He will get the wear an eye patch. Like a pirate! And we totally want a badass pirate patch wearing brain damaged dog. Even if we don’t get the procedure done.

Are you jealous? You should be.

Sir Lickalot the Badass

Does this eye patch make me Badass?



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  1. No wonder he just about knocks me down every time he sees me (or didn’t see me I guess). He’s a hairy Jack Sparrow and walks just like a drunk pirate.

  2. Aw, poor thing. We had the same problem with our shepard mix. We weren’t given the needle option (I may have passed out) but instead told we have to have her eye removed surgically. Sooo, we did. She never seemed to notice. Best of luck with your pup, he’s sure to feel better soon.

    1. Post
  3. “Holy crap! Did you see that bad ass dog with the eye patch!” Said every person you passed walking the 40 blocks home from the vet. And “(which really means fuck them cos they wouldn’t fit me in)” CLASSIC!!!

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