Happy Mother’s Day!

I woke up this morning to the smell of toast, wafting up the stairs… my stomach was grumbling and I was looking forward to eating…. but then it started to take some time, ok, do they need help? Toast isn’t that difficult. Don’t go look, you’ll spoil the surprise.  But what if they burn stuff…. it’s the mother in me. It can’t be helped… And then I heard a sound that made my heart skip a beat, the coffee grinder! Oh was I going to be in for a treat, toast AND coffee. What arrived was something of a pleasant surprise…….

Eggs Benedict, bacon, toast juice and a perfect cafe latte!

Mother's Day breakfast

My job here is done, my children can make complicated breakfasts, I’m a very lucky mummy.

Then it was gift time, Miss Gremlin made a card at school, in my favourite colour!


Inside the card was a flower pot containing removable tulips with chores written on the stem, chores the children will do … but they are only redeemable ONCE Miss Gremlin insisted. She’s a funny girl.flower pot card

And a flower pen made by hand to make my writing so sweet.

flower pen

And then we got silly with the camera….

My babies

Mother's day selfies

I made this?

Happy Mother’s Day to all, may your children grow to make you an awesome breakfast, beautiful handmade gifts and the dumbest faces ever!

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  1. What a sweet day! The card is adorable, and I love that they made you a perfect breakfast. Sounds like you had a great Mother’s Day. That’s just what I wished for you. 🙂

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