Gone Paleo

I’ve been really trying for a year to get the baby weight off. Lets face it when your youngest is 8 then there can be no more excuses. I heard about this little iphone app called myfitnesspal. Now those who know me know I love my iphone and apps in general, so an app that I can actually utilise to do something good that I’m trying to achieve? I’m in! Well it’s basically a calorie tracker on food and exercise and I’ve been going great. You just track what you eat and how much you exercise. The more you exercise the more you can eat! Who doesn’t want to do that?

I didn’t feel deprived of anything but it really makes you think do you really wanna waste 300 calories on one donut ?I lost about 18 lbs (8kgs) but then I stalled and no amount of extra exercise, which I hate, was doing anything for me. Then I came across a thing called Paleo, not sure where from but the theory is this, eat like a caveman or Paleolithic man. It’s not new, it’s like Atkin’s and some others like hunter gatherers and caveman diet. It’s the same thing. You only eat things you can obtain without cropping ie, all meats, vegies, fruits nuts etc. NO grains or starchy foods like potatoes, corn, rice, pasta and some others. There are tons of blogs and sites and recipes! There are ways to substitute rice by making cauliflower ‘rice’ and making spaghetti out of spaghetti squash or julienne shredded zucchini. It’s really working, now I’m down 23 lbs (10.4kg). I feel good and as it happens it’s exactly the way the King needs to eat for some issues he has. The kids are getting the benefit of good healthy nutritious foods too!. If you feel like shedding a few unwanted lbs (kgs) give it a go.

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