Get Off My Lawn- When New Neighbours Move In Across the Hall…

So we have some new neighbours moving in. I just had to walk up the stairs with the dog, I mean I could have ridden the elevator with their boxes and bed frames but Sir Lickalot is not that great with the elevator empty so I wasn’t even going to worry. We’ll call it exercise.

Then Miss Gremlin walks in AKA detective girl and says”where’s our Mirror?” So I stuck my head out and asked the removalist if they moved it.

That’s when I met him, standing as tall as myself, our new neighbour. He warned me that we’d be hearing a lot from them, they have 3 active boys…. Hmm We’ll see about that! One scary “what are you doing?” from My Lord Dr King should induce pant crapping fear in noisy children, just the way we like it.

I’ve yet to meet the rest of the family but as they’ve signed a 2 year lease I guess we’ll meet soon enough. :/

See we’re not great at neighbours, except our original ones, they were perfect! The last ones, who just moved, we hardly saw, My Lord Dr King never saw them. But these ones I fear, we’ll be seeing a lot of.

So far we know this, they’re jewish and keep the sabbath.¬†That’s a lot of stairs to walk with 3 little kids, but I imagine they thought of that when they rented on the 8th floor.

Also they’re probably not gonna like our Friday night bacon parties….

There will be stories, I guarantee!

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