Everything Changes………..

Our world has turned upside down, everything we’ve known has changed. We’re not sure what the future holds…………too dramatic? Nope it’s real……

Our neighbours of 6 years, moved out last week, Tuesday. We’ve lived across the hall since our kids couldn’t reach the PH button in the elevator, before they were 2. We are great friends, we’ve helped each other countless times for all sorts of reasons.

We borrowed things from each other, milk at 7am, drills at 10pm and everything else in between. We dropped by just to say hi and have a glass of wine often, just to catch up on stuff.

The kids have played for hundreds of hours together!

A & I traipsed all over the ‘hood with kids in strollers. Seeking entertainment for Miss Gremlin and their oldest son L….. J and the King would talk business and all sorts of other manly stuff….

We were baby sitters for each other for many years…we know their family and they know ours, extended too! We’ve borrowed each others apartments for extra guests.

We know each other very well, for good and for bad ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re like an extension of our own family.

It took years to build that friendship, when we were all new to the neighbourhood and an ‘in it together’ comradery developed.

But all that is gone now……… They left…………….For a really great place, 4 minutes walk away…….way better for their family and lifestyle, but ย it will be different, it always is.

We miss them, even Sir Lickalot…. It’s quiet up here on the top floor alone….

I needed some olive oil the other night, they weren’t there. I had to make do.

It’s quiet in the hall, too quiet……….

We met the new neighbours tonight, they haven’t moved in yet, and probably won’t before Christmas. They are nice and we will probably become friends. They’re not outwardly weird or anything ๐Ÿ˜›

But it kinda feels like we’re cheating on J & A….. that’s dumb I know, but it just won’t be the same.


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  1. Awwww hunnie xoxoxo I’m so sorry that your wonderful neighbors have moved and you’re right it won’t ever be the same…but life goes on. =) Just be happy for the times you DID have =) so you won’t be too sad! xoxo

  2. Ah, that is hard. Sounds like they were great neighbors. Hopefully, since they are still in the neighborhood, your friendship will still be there, even though things will change.

  3. Really? You needed to make me cry at school? SOMEONE sent this to me this morning, and I could hardly take it. I could write my own post about MY neighbors I just moved away from–crazy as anything I love them dearly.

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  4. They sound like such wonderful friends and neighbors to have had! To have someone to borrow olive oil and drills from for all these years is such a blessing. Now that it’s been five months, I wonder how your relationship with them has been going? Do you still do play dates and hang out?

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