How to Feel Rich for Very Little Expense- A Bidet, You Say?

For my birthday this year My Lord Dr King took me away to California for a week. He was to receive his Doctorate degree and so he whisked me away for a birthday/anniversary road trip. He’s the best at combining things, except dinner parties, he’s crap at that because we have very polarising friends. And a room full of our friends don’t always get along. Don’t ask… there’s been many incidents best left undisclosed!

Anyway he whisked me away and we stayed at the Beverly Wiltshire. I lived it up like Pretty Woman for days and it was divine. (I will write about it I promise) During that time I was reacquainted with the bidet.
We had one in Australia before we left and while I hesitated in the beginning to use it, I fell in love with it over the 10 years we lived in that house. They have multiple uses I can assure you, besides the obvious.

Like a vomit receptacle when you’re on the toilet with a stomach bug! We all know how bad that is when there’s no bucket handy… Boom! bidet, lean over and blarrrgh.

Or if you’ve been in the garden and your flipflops are muddy or sandy… Hey it happens to to best of us in the tropics, dirty feet going to bed are the worst.

Too lazy for a bath or shower? No problem, stick your feet in the bidet and give them a swirl around and voila! And you don’t even get the bathtub dirty!

Need something to entertain the toddler while you try for your weekly shower? Handy idea, fill the bidet with warm water and some bubbles and they can play while you get to wash and shave! Or they could even play boats! So much better than them playing in the toilet bowl right? Make sure you lay a towel down for easy clean up after.

So as you can see, they are fabulous things! Not to mention how soothing they are following birth. A nice warm salt splash for the tramatised hooha… you got it! Period time? Want to feel fresh? You got it! After sexy time clean up? The best! Especially if you’re susceptible to infections.

The Europeans understand these badboys, I can’t believe they haven’t caught on here in the good Ol’ USA!

Well the Beverly Wiltshire is a classy joint and so they understand. They have them in every room but not the regular type because I guess to retrofit 1000 rooms may be hard but they have these:Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.46.33 AM


Handheld, Brilliant! I was immediately reunited with my love and announced to My Lord Dr King that we MUST have one, and seeing as how I didn’t have an ‘official’ birthday present because, hello Beverly Wiltshire! I suggested that we could have this as our anniversary/birthday gift.

Like all suggestions I make, he took it onboard and amazoned that badboy and it was waiting for us upon our return. 2 day shipping yo!

The installation takes literally 5 minutes! (correct use of literally observed) Maybe even less and the feeling is oh so wonderful!
To be shower fresh all the time is such a luxury but for very little expense, you should try it! I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

Now if only we could hook it up to the hot water instead of cold.


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  1. Bidets are fantastic! It amazes me that the bidet never really has caught on in the west. Women AND men should be using them at all times. It’s the only luxurious way to enjoy the bathroom.

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