Easter is Quiet Around these parts this Year….

Easter with little kids is a lot like Christmas, the anticipation of the Easter bunny’s impending visit and the egg hunt and the chocolate haze we find ourselves in by noon. But this year, the Easter bunny got a last minute memo to say that Grand Master D and Miss Gremlin would be sleeping at their sister’s place. Miss Gremlin was most excited to stay with The Princess, having missed her terribly in her absence. It is a good influence for her girly side 🙂

This is how the evening unfolded for us left here at home, watching all the kids have fun on facebook.

easter monopoly

Aussie Monopoly is a must when the kids get together, board games instead of electronics… Winning

aussie monopoly


This morning, this is how The Princess handled sleeping in with excited children and the Easter Bunny…Ingenious plan.

easter fb


Happy Easter everyone. May you have a blessed day with your family and friends however you celebrate.

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