Sightings In the City, When Celebrities See ME!

New York can be a very cool place…. There are so many celebrities living in and around us all the time, sometimes you get lucky when you move around just doing your everyday thing… They are doing the same.

Today I saw Kyra Sedgwick on the ‘C’ train while we were headed down to Santa. I took a sneaky picture. I think she knew though. She starred in my favourite show, The Closer.

It was very exciting……………….


Kyra Sedgwick on the ‘C’ train

Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber

Liev Schrieber has also sat across from me on the train ……I knew, he knew I knew 🙂


I’ve had coffee in Starbucks with Renee Zellwegger and Neil Patrick Harris,


Sting has seen me while riding by on his bicycle.

Miss Gremlin and I rode the elevator with Kathleen Turner by ourselves and boarded the same plane as Hugo Weaving, who is way taller than I ever thought.

Luke Wilson came off the plane with my parents when they came over to visit.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was checking us out in the West Village one night, while crossing the street.

Dan Hedaya jogged by one afternoon. He was my first. I didn’t even live here yet.

The  Princess and The King move around the city more than me and have seen plenty of celebs. The King usually has no idea….. He saw Justin Timberlake a couple of weeks ago and thought ‘Oh what is Shawn Parker doing here!’ Doh.

The King and the kids have even had a vodka with Dan Aykroyd out at the Hamptons. He knew they were special!

Dan Aykroyd selling his Crystal head vodka

Dan Aykroyd selling his Crystal head vodka

They are just people, they have lives and I always feel uncomfortable for them that they have to put up with people bothering them, I never know what to say and so I say nothing. I always kick myself later because I’d love for them to have a photo op with me but I know they feel intrusive so I just let it go…..

I am always approachable, and one day they may get the courage to come and say hi to me :).. Until then we’ll just continue to look knowingly at each other in silence.



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  1. I could NEVER live in NY. I get so star-struck. Seriously, I got star-struck when I met the driver of my favorite monster truck. My husband has a plan, if he ever meets NPH, to ask him and his husband to go on a double-date with us. He’s convinced that we’d all be great friends.

  2. A year or so ago when they were shooting tons of movies in Michigan because of the tax incentive (which is no longer in place due to our lousy governor,) there were tons of celebrities in our mix. You’re right, it was exciting, and weird. You want to chat but don’t wanna weird them out. Drew Barrymore and my uber-crush Jimmy Fallon were eating in the same restaurant as us one night. We chickened out and never said anything. It is a huge regret of mine, which is silly. But, I should have just said, “I think you’re great.” I doubt he would have minded that 😉 Right?

    1. Post
  3. The only celebrity I saw was the guy that played George Costanza’s dad on Seinfield. Yep, we ate Chinese food together, but I didn’t say anything. He waved to me when we left. Maybe I should have stopped to chat, but I didn’t want to be one of “those” people either. Oh well!

  4. It’s so awesome that you’re mingling with the stars! And, I’d be snapping shots too. I imagine they must be use to it and you get to keep a cool memory. I took all kinds of pictures with celebrities when I was in radio. Some ended up going no where – but I can say that I got asked on a date by Nick Lachey and hit on by Andrew Dice Clay (until he decided I was too skinny…).

  5. I always thought how weird it must be for them to have strangers coming over and fawning over them, as if they know them personally for ages! I’m glad you gave them (and they gave you) admiring looks from afar!! 🙂

  6. I can’t believe how many celebrities you’ve seen. I lived in the city for years & never saw anyone. But I’m oblivious. My husband sees ppl all the time. He noticed we were sitting next to Katie Couric in a NYC restaurant & he ran into Meredith Viera in Newark airport.

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