Sightings In the City, When Celebrities See ME!

New York can be a very cool place…. There are so many celebrities living in and around us all the time, sometimes you get lucky when you move around just doing your everyday thing… They are doing the same.

Today I saw Kyra Sedgwick on the ‘C’ train while we were headed down to Santa. I took a sneaky picture. I think she knew though. She starred in my favourite show, The Closer.

It was very exciting……………….


Kyra Sedgwick on the ‘C’ train

Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber

Liev Schrieber has also sat across from me on the train ……I knew, he knew I knew 🙂


I’ve had coffee in Starbucks with Renee Zellwegger and Neil Patrick Harris,


Sting has seen me while riding by on his bicycle.

Miss Gremlin and I rode the elevator with Kathleen Turner by ourselves and boarded the same plane as Hugo Weaving, who is way taller than I ever thought.

Luke Wilson came off the plane with my parents when they came over to visit.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was checking us out in the West Village one night, while crossing the street.

Dan Hedaya jogged by one afternoon. He was my first. I didn’t even live here yet.

The  Princess and The King move around the city more than me and have seen plenty of celebs. The King usually has no idea….. He saw Justin Timberlake a couple of weeks ago and thought ‘Oh what is Shawn Parker doing here!’ Doh.

The King and the kids have even had a vodka with Dan Aykroyd out at the Hamptons. He knew they were special!

Dan Aykroyd selling his Crystal head vodka

Dan Aykroyd selling his Crystal head vodka

They are just people, they have lives and I always feel uncomfortable for them that they have to put up with people bothering them, I never know what to say and so I say nothing. I always kick myself later because I’d love for them to have a photo op with me but I know they feel intrusive so I just let it go…..

I am always approachable, and one day they may get the courage to come and say hi to me :).. Until then we’ll just continue to look knowingly at each other in silence.



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  1. that is crazy!!! i live in ohio so we rarely see a celebrity…dave chappel does live nearby and hangs out with anyone who will hang with him…so we tend to forget that he is a celebrity!

  2. LOL! It can seem rather odd. I live a few miles from Panama City Beach in Florida and I have seen a few. I don’t want to approach cause I don’t want to bother them, but I know they feel me staring! Could you imagine being stared at like that? Makes me feel sorry for them and glad I’m not famous!

  3. I’ve visited NYC a bunch of times and always hope I’ll see someone famous, but I never do. I have a friend who runs into a famous person on practically every flight she takes. But I know myself – if I saw someone famous I wouldn’t want to bother them – I’d just try to snap a picture without them noticing.

  4. I feel you on the privacy thing. Lived in LA for 4 years. Sightings in the grocery store, work, mall, driving, dinner, etc. I never approached them for the same reasons. Looking back I don’t regret it. I kind of secretly thought they were flattered that I didn’t approach them. You should be proud of yourself.

    1. Post
  5. I grew up just outside of THE city 🙂 and when I was a little girl we were there all the time. The only celebrities I ever met as a child were Kate (no clue) & Allie (Jane Curtin) I was super excited at the time. Hey it was the 80s after all. I did an internship in D.C. during Clinton’s first term so yes I met him, only shook his hand thank you very much. 😉 and I also met Conan O’Brien. We worked together in a press box at the inauguration but I was a college intern and was way to intimidated to talk to him. I’m with you I feel like it’s a bother to them. Let’s face it they are just people after all and most of us duck in the grocery store to avoid people we actually know. LOL

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