And Then…….. We Had to Send Them Back

Friday’s tragedy still weighs very heavily on my heart, as the details emerge, the senseless loss of life is still so hard to process. The young man was mentally unstable, his mother owned the guns, she died first in his rampage. The reasons he chose that school are unknown and will probably never be known.

The vigils have started, the first funeral is monday. The entire country is in mourning and  holding their children tighter.

But today is Monday, and across the nation every parent of school age children has to send their child back to school, the children will be talking about it. If you’ve shielded your child from this horrific news so far, they are gonna hear it this morning.

Every child, teacher, parent and administrator will be trying to process this and wonder if it could happen in their school and the answer is unfortunately, a resounding yes. It can happen in any school, it has before and it will again. We know it will, we pray it won’t but it will.

Schools know this, they plan for it, there are lockdown procedures. My kids’ school doesn’t practice them but they have them.

I’m sure this will be discussed by teachers this morning, should we practice the drills? How much should we discuss with the children?

I’m scared to let them go. I want to keep them home and safe but life must go on and they must go to school.

My heart breaks for the parents and loved ones who, today begin burying their babies and try to make sense of this tragedy.

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  1. I am still at a loss. My child is the most important… My life. If I lost him I don’t know… I pray one day there is a resolution… Unfortunately I believe it will come after more tragic events like lilast Friday. That’s not acceptable.

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