And Then There Was One.

Grand Master D is away, I know I’ve mentioned this. It’s quiet here without him-I miss him.
He is having an experience of a lifetime. We spoke with him last night at 10pm and he told us he had a 5am start today for a 6am breakfast then a full day of touring in Philadelphia. I’ve heard from him a couple of times throughout the day but I think he’s been too busy for much more. He’s gonna spend a very long time sleeping when he gets home 🙂

I think Miss Gremlin is missing him too, she had a nightmare last night and played musical beds, she’s not felt well all day today with a ‘funny tummy’ and is quite emotional. Tomorrow we will do some fun family stuff with her so she can feel special too.

It’s amazing how much the family dynamic changes when a member is missing.

I can’t wait for the stories and pics of his trip…..In the meantime I’ll have to be satisfied with occasional txts 🙂

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