A Year Goes So Fast……..


Today, July 8th, marks the 1st Anniversary of the passing of my Dad. It still feels like yesterday I was rushing across the world to be with him. So much has changed, I’m not going to dwell on the sadness. Lord knows it’s there but today is just a date, it will come and go year upon year and the pain I’m told will ease. There is a huge hole in our lives but Dad resides in our hearts now, for whenever we want to think of him, dream of him, remember a moment. We don’t need a date in time for that, we can have that anytime. He would not want us to be sad, he would want us to go on and live full and happy lives the way he lived every moment of his. SO today I will press the easy button* and grab a beer and think about the good times, I might even have 2. I have shared the movie I made for his 70th birthday, I know he wouldn’t mind. He said it was one of the best presents he’d received. It felt good to be able to do something nice for him.

We were a total surprise at his party……. We flew over and hid until after the movie..It was awesome.
Here are some other pics to enjoy.

A celebration of Bruce.

*the easy button sits on top of the beer fridge and every time you get one out, you press it. The button is the big red one from staples that says ‘That was easy’. I sent it to him many years ago in a Christmas parcel. It was a bit of fun and Dad decided it was easy to get a beer and he was gonna let everyone know it! 🙂

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