When News of Home is Bad

It’s hard to live far from home, I mean far from your roots. NYC is home now but I think you can have more than one home. I know I do.

Right now my home is on fire, and although I’m safe in my physical home 16,000 miles away, I worry about the damage, the loss of property, livestock and human life in my homeland. Of friends and family….

Australia is burning, all over, last count over 140 fires in just one state, many still raging out of control and with the right conditions, weeks worth of fuel and damage ahead of them. Record temperatures are being set, with strong winds recorded, conditions are set to catastrophic…..


fire sign

Catastrophic…… you know THAT’S gonna be bad

Some of these fires are being reported as deliberately lit, by teenagers, who have no idea what can happen. There’s no accounting for stupidity sometimes but there it is.

The fires in 2009 were the most devastating the country has ever seen, with the highest loss of life on record. Since then rules have changed and hopefully these fires, this season, will be contained quickly with minimal  damage and loss of life.

She’s a dangerous land, it’s part of the package…….but sometimes Mother Nature is cruel.

How do you fight THIS?

How do you fight THIS?

In October, I was worried about a hurricane named Sandy and the impact she’d have on our lives…. folks are still homeless from that.

Now, I scramble for news of the fires, of family safety in different areas threatened and pray for milder conditions and minimal damage.



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  1. I find it the hardest to be away from home when something wonderful is happening and when something terrible is happening. I didn’t even know about these fires. I’m off to check on my Australian friends now!

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